Luipa is praised with new song

Singer Luipa’s new song titled with ‘Mora Gachhe’ has been released on youtube. Lyric of this song is ‘Amar mora gachhe ful futego ekbar tumi hasile, amar andhar ghore josna jhore go valo tumi basile’. Shan’s music arrangements were applied on this song with the lyrics and tunes by Jahangir December, 2018 on youtube. During the making time of music video, it has been largely given priority over the song’s content. Because of this, the attention of viewers and the audiences goes for the Luipa is a little more than the music. Luipa said, ‘I gave it to the audiences and my followers as my last song for 2018’. Audience, viewers and my fans are listening to the song, inspiring me a lot of that is very much for me.
Music Video has been released on 18
Because when we arrange a song, we emphasize the audience choices. ‘Mora Gachhe’ is like the same. Everyone loves it; it’s my gratitude as a singer. Each of his songs gives singer a new dream of a vocalist, teaches him to think and keeps himself trying to make himself more fulfilled.
I am always thankful to my fans, visitors and people of this country.
Because of their love, I have become today’s Luipa.’ In the meantime, Luipa has already playback in ‘Pap Kaahini’ movie directed by Shahriar Nazim Joy. Luipa sang the song ‘amar pashe tumi, tomar pashe ami, amar kachhe tumi, nijer cheyeo dami’. The shoots of the song have been completed, said Director Joy. The Nazrul Sangeet ‘amar aponar cheye apon je jon’ arranged by ‘Wind of change’ gives her popularity. This year, a music video titled ‘Gentleman’ was released with Siam also responds well to the audience. On 5th September this year, Luipa became mother for the first time to have a daughter.
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